KépI got my first dog, Bessy (Dombtetői-Arany Bella) from my parents in 1997 for my succesful high-school entance exam. My dream came true, I've became a Golden retriever owner! I started to visit dog shows with Bessy, where we learnt together what a golden should know.

In 1999 I funded the Rabbit-hunter Kennel, soon the first litter was born, from which I kept Alf (Rabbit-hunter Alf). I've learnt much from him - with him about training Golden retrievers. It was him who I started visiting hunts with, and made me want to become a real hunter.

In 2002 on my boyfriend's request a wire-haired dachshund, Peggy (Zengőbérci-Makacs Mimi) has joined the family. Peggy guarsd the house with the braveness of the dachshunds!

In 2006 I got Aqua (Erdőskerti Mineralaqua) and Lola (Erdőskerti Lola) from the Erdőskerti kennel . I was enriched with two healthy dogs, who make a stand in work and on competitions as well.

I train and groom my dogs myself for shows and competitions. I continously work on to gain more and more theoretical and practical knowledge. I succesfully finished the MEOE Hunting Dog Performance Judge training in 2006. Since then I got many opportunities judging on exams, which I consider to be a tought ask requiring a lot of responsibility. Since 2008 I groom dogs for competitions as a licensed dog groomer.

Zsanett Szatmári